CMT Story

CMT is a dining-room table story. We started with a truck and ladders, a new insurance policy, limited capital, and Dad, a coatings veteran. We were fresh from careers in corporate America, and we were ready to make our entrepreneurial dream a reality.

Dad truly was the inspiration for launching CMT. Growing up, we saw the ups and downs of owning a small business and of the coatings industry.   Dad taught us life lessons about business, personal finance and investing in ourselves as a path to financial independence.

In 2003, already happily in retirement, Dad showed his belief in David and me by helping us launch CMT.

What makes CMT work is our well-defined shared values and our tenacity. We are passionate about setting a new standard of customer service excellence in our industry of construction.

As we approach our fourteenth anniversary, we’re proud to report an extraordinary level of growth,  a terrific base of repeat clients, a growing staff, recognition for excellence, and an on-going commitment to reinvest in our company.

David, Wendy, and George (2004)