Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are you a certified DBE, WBE, HUB?

Yes we are!  You can view our certification here.

Are you bonded?


Are you NACE and SSPC Certified?

Yes, we have a NACE Level III Certified Coating Inspector and 2 SSPC Certified Concrete Inspectors on staff.

Can we contract with you for an emergency repair?

Yes. We help clients solve urgent problems in emergency situations.

Do you apply lining systems for secondary containments?

Yes. We apply linings to specification based on the chemicals in the primary containment.

Do you do crack injection repair?

Yes. Visit here for more information.

Do you do new construction or rehab projects?

We mostly do rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, but sometimes we do lining systems on new construction.

Do you do pressure washing projects?

Yes. We do stand-alone pressure washing projects. We also pressure wash as part of our surface prep on more involved projects.

Do you do sandblasting work?


Do you do shut-down work?

Yes. We coordinate with you for minimal downtime of your operation.

Do you have a General Contractors License?

Yes, we have an unlimited North Carolina GC License #67579, and our South Carolina GC License number is G117360.

Do you paint houses?

No. We are an industrial contractor.

Do you paint tanks?

Yes, both concrete and steel.

Do you provide a warranty on the work you do?

Yes. We warranty our work for one year!

Do you provide references of past work?

Yes. Take a look at our client list – 100% of our customers are on our reference list! For names and more detailed reference information please contact us and we’ll provide you with references.

Do you repair concrete?

Yes. You can view more here.

Do you work on elevated water tanks?

No, but we can recommend companies who do. Contact us for more.  We work on all water infrastructure except elevated water tanks!

Do you work on manholes?

Yes. You can visit our manholes page here.

How far do you travel?

We work all over North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast, as well as South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

How many crew members do you employ?

Our crew is 20 strong and growing.

What are your capabilities?

Surface preparation, leak repair, mortar linings and high-performance coating applications in highly corrosive environments.

What are your qualifications?

You can view our qualifications here.

What is your safety record?

It’s rock solid – we have one of the strongest safety programs in the industry.

What material vendors do you use?

Sherwin-Williams, SIKA, AW Cook, DeNeef, Armex, Black Beauty, CemTec.

What training does your crew receive?

You can view our safety overview here.

What type of work do you do?

We are certified applicators of high performance coatings and do concrete repair, manhole rehabilitation and crack injection to repair leaks. We work in the water and wastewater industry and for manufacturing facilities.

What types of customers do you have?

Municipalities and manufacturing firms --including Fortune 500 companies.

Where are you located?

Our Operations Team is located at 1941 Baker Rd. in High Point, NC.

Our Administrative Office address is located at 49 McDowell St. in Asheville, NC.

For Prospective Employees

Do you perform out-of-town work?

Yes, about 50% of our projects may keep you out of town for 3-4 nights in a week. Our crews usually return home every weekend from out-of-town work. That’s because quality of life is an important core value for our company.

What are your hours of operation?

Mostly Monday through Friday with an occasional Saturday when necessary. We start work early, usually by 7am and we end the work day after 5pm.

Who do I contact to apply?

Just complete our online application on the Join Us page and click send! We’ll receive your application immediately.


What type of work do you bid?

Application of high performance coatings/linings, concrete repair, manhole rehabilitation, leak repair at WTPs, WWTPs and manufacturing firms. We sometimes bid as prime and sometimes as a sub.

Who do I contact for getting a quote?

You can contact us here.


What are your terms for payment?

Payment is due net 30 days from invoice date.

Who can I talk to in Accounts Payable?

Bess Farmer at 828-551-2907 and 336-431-7708

CMT Gives Back

How can I apply?

You may apply online.

How many recipients will be named? When will they be announced?

Our independent panel of judges will select one recipient by October 31, 2016. The project will be executed in 2017 in collaboration with the selected recipient.

How will the CMT Gives Back recipient be selected?

The CMT Gives Back recipient will be selected by an esteemed panel of independent judges representing the water and wastewater industry.

Selection criteria: Applicants will be expected to demonstrate qualities needed to take full advantage of this opportunity, by highlighting the condition of deteriorating infrastructure, defining the problems to be solved, showing good stewardship of facilities, and illustrating good faith efforts taken to date. Photos of the project are required.

What are the benefits for the selected organiztion?

Selection as a CMT Gives Back recipient means that your organization receives a customized project designed to rehabilitate a significant structure at no cost to the municipality and taxpayers in your community. You will receive:

  • Written specification for a comprehensive concrete repair and/or corrosion control project
  • Pre-construction meeting to agree on scheduling and coordination
  • Execution of a project using the best materials and application methods in the market
  • A final walk-through for the owner, materials manufacturer rep and CMT rep
  • One year warranty on materials and labor

What are the eligibility criteria for the CMT Gives Back Program?

The applicant’s entity must be a publicly owned municipal facility located in North Carolina with serious degradation of water and wastewater infrastructure. A threat to public health in the community or non-compliance to environmental standards may apply. Lead abatement and elevated tank work is excluded from this program as we are not qualified for those type of projects. While we complete manhole rehabilitation services, these types of projects are also excluded from this program.

Applicants must be willing to have a site visit by the judges in September or October 2017 to gather additional information if selected as a semi-finalist.

What is the CMT Gives Back Program?

The CMT Gives Back Program is a statewide competition that identifies a public owned municipal facility to receive a rehabilitation project that is within CMT’s capabilities at no charge to the municipal.

What is the deadline for applying?

The deadline for submitting completed applications is August 31, 2017.

Who can I contact for further information?

You may contact Wendy Banks, Co-Owner and Co-founder of Carolina Management Team at

Why did Carolina Management Team create the CMT Gives Back Program?

Throughout our eleven years serving North Carolina’s water and wastewater industry, Carolina Management Team (CMT) has witnessed the difficulties smaller municipalities face maintaining their water and sewer facilities. We created the CMT Gives Back program to help. It’s our way of giving back to North Carolina’s water and wastewater industry . This industry helped us build this company, grow our team, and develop relationships by giving us opportunities to work in your facilities. CMT Gives Back is our commitment to make a positive difference to the stewards of North Carolina’s most precious resource: clean water.