City of New Bern

Client Type: 
Coating Service
Concrete Services
  • Deterioration of rebar
     Deterioration of rebar
  • Deterioration of concrete
     Deterioration of concrete
  • Recreation of beam and rebar installation
     Recreation of beam and rebar installation
  • Installation of rebar on ceiling
     Installation of rebar on ceiling
  • Installation of rebar on walls
     Installation of rebar on walls
  • Application of epoxy
     Application of epoxy
  • Application of epoxy
     Application of epoxy

Project: Glenburnie Pump Station Rehabilitation

Surface Preparation and Coating Application:

  • The rehabilitation and epoxy lining were completed per the specifications using the Sika concrete rehab system which included chipping out 1" behind rebar, spray/hand applying 3" of repair mortar on the walls and ceiling to bring the surface back to original plane.
  • The eroded beams and reinforcement were rebuilt. New beams were formed using the repair mortar.
  • The reinforcing steel that was negatively affected by the H2S gases was recreated.
  • The substrate was completely brought back to plane with resurfacing mortar.
  • Applied Sherwin-Williams Cor-Cote SC Plus Epoxy Lining System @100-125 mils DFT.

Completed:  July - 2013

Special items to note:

  1. In addition to the project highlighted above, CMT was also requested to apply AW Cook calcium aluminate mortar to the chimneys.  
Testimonial from email dated February 18, 2013:

“We now have a rehabilitated pump station that appears good-as-new and will serve our needs for many years to come. The work completed was of the highest quality, and all work was completed to our specifications and requirements.”

 - Graham Strother, Staff Engineer, City of New Bern