Sara Lee/Hillshire

Client Type: 
Private Industry
Coating Service
  • Tank Painting Project - Before
     Tank Painting Project - Before
  • Tank Painting Project - After
     Tank Painting Project - After
  • Interior Tank Painting Project - Before
     Interior Tank Painting Project - Before
  • Interior Tank Painting Project - After
     Interior Tank Painting Project - After

Projects: Fire Water Tank Exterior and 3 Flour & 1 Sugar Silo Interiors 

Surface Preparation and Coating Application – Fire Water Tank                      

Completed:  Sept 2011

  • Clean the tank per SSPC-SP12, Pressure Wash exterior of tank
  • Hand tool/power tool clean to remove any remaining loose rust or paint
  • Brush off blast top of tank per SSPC-SP7
  • Prime using Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 920 Pre-Prime (1 – 1.5 mils DFT)
  • Apply intermediate coat of Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 646 Epoxy (4 – 6 mils DFT)
  • Top coat using Sherwin-Williams Hi Solids Polyurethane (3 - 4 mils DFT), Color White

Surface Preparation and Coating Application – Flour & Sugar Silos Interior   

Completed:  Mar 2012

  • Pressure wash interior to remove residual flour, contaminants and loose paint
  • Inspect each silo and identify areas that need spot repairs
  • Wet abrasive blast silo interiors using Amrex blast media “baking soda”
  • Apply 1 coat FDA Epoxy Primer per the manufacturer’s recommendation on touch-up procedures.  Coating to be applied @ 5-6 mils DFT to entire interior of silos

Special items to note:

  1. In addition to the projects highlighted above, CMT has also completed work for Sara Lee including: 3 Flour Silos Spot Repair and Top Coat, Sugar Silo Spot Repair and Top Coat, Blending Room, Exterior Coating of Equalization Tank, and Floor of Equalization Tank
  2. The value of all the projects topped $245,000.00.