Town of Robbinsville

Client Type: 
Coating Service
Concrete Services
Leak Services
  • Steel Tank Painting - Before - Town of Robbinsville
     Steel Tank Painting - Before - Town of Robbinsville
  • Steel Tank Painting - After - Town of Robbinsville
     Steel Tank Painting - After - Town of Robbinsville
  • Concrete Tank Maintenance - Before
     Concrete Tank Maintenance - Before
  • Concrete Tank Maintenance - After
     Concrete Tank Maintenance - After
  • Tank Painting - Before
     Tank Painting - Before
  • Tank Painting - After
     Tank Painting - After

Project: Tallulah and Rock Creek Water Tanks – estimated 8,000 square feet

Surface Preparation and Coating Application

  • Sweep blast per SSPC SP-13 to prepare concrete for coating application
  • Applied SherCrete Vertical Overhead Repair Mortar (1/4” DFT)
  • Applied Sherwin-Williams Tank Clad HS (5.0 – 8.0 mils DFT) 2 coats

Completed:  April 2006

Special items to note:

  1. In addition to the tank highlighted above, the Town of Robbinsville had CMT provide surface preparation and coating application services for nearly the entire infrastructure in both water treatment plants, including a 300,000 concrete water tank as well as paint the exterior of a building at the wastewater plant.  The value of those contracts topped $175,000.
  2. The Mayor, Bobby Cagle Jr., called in 2009 to discuss areas at the Tallulah Water Treatment Plant that need to be repaired due to water infiltration.  CMT went back to Robbinsville to provide some leak repair services and complete some additional painting.

Testimonial from post-job completion survey:

“I think that your company does or exceeds what you tell your clients that you will do.  The Town of Robbinsville appreciates your pride in your work!!”

- Mayor Bobby Cagle, Jr. Town of Robbinsville