We are in the business of satisfying our customers!

David with TJ Lynch (City of Raleigh)

“Wendy and David, I have now been in this business for 15 years and I can safely say that it is rare to find a company who consistently exceeds the quality of work specified or even imagined.  It has been my pleasure to work with CMT this past year and I look forward to continuing the relationship we have built. Thanks for your professionalism, your close attention to detail and your commitment to excellence.

TJ Lynch, City of Raleigh

Aqua NC – Jim Lang, Project Coordinator

July 13th – prior to CMT starting project:

“Impressive with the prior planning, truly impressive. I'm still in the field this evening, let me get back to my desk in the morning and I will provide you with the physical address of the WWTP so you can find the nearest urgent care and fire department for your crew. Unbelievable!!  Are you really this good?”

July 20th as CMT was completing the work:

“I made another site visit today and the technicians on site were once again professional, informative and safe. One of the men asked if they were doing what I wanted, and stated that he would do anything to help us out.  Thanks for the incredibly smooth and efficient project.”

July 21st at completion:

“Thanks to the entire team, great job!”

City of Asheville - Rick Thomas, Tradesworker II Water Resources Department

Tanks, Pump Stations, Pipe Galleries

The tanks really look good and I feel that George and his Crew have gone above and beyond their requirements to satisfy our expectations! You can tell that he and his crew take pride in what they do and like to show it off. That's a good thing.......I think we made a good choice in our selection for the best company to get the job done!

City of Graham - Victor Quick, Utilities Director

Clearwell #1 and #2

Your Field Service Personnel worked well with our treatment plant staff.  CMT exceeded our expectations and the city would not hesitate to use CMT for future coatings projects.

City of Greensboro - Barry Parsons

My feedback on all is EXCELLENT!  CMT is very professional and always delivers a quality product!

City of New Bern - Graham Strother

We now have a rehabilitated pump station that appears good-as-new and will serve our needs for many years to come. The work completed was of the highest quality, and Eliot made sure all work was completed to our specifications and requirements.

Will and Eliot were great to work with, and were constantly seeking ways that they could better serve our needs. They were constantly seeking our satisfaction throughout the life of the project, not just with the end-results. They are great representatives of your company, as are the work crews that completed the work. Everyone with CMT worked well with the City of New Bern Waste Treatment Plant staff, Engineering Department, and Rivers & Associates consultants.

City of North Myrtle Beach - Loy Williford, Buyer

Wet wells and Headworks at Crescent Beach WWTP                 

I would rate you EXCELLENT on your response time and working with your team on site.  We would like you to bid on any other projects that we will have – we were very satisfied.”

City of North Myrtle Beach - Ralph Norris, Public Works Utilities Superintendent

Wet wells and Headworks at Crescent Beach WWTP

We would like you to bid on any other projects that we will have – we were very satisfied.

City of Raleigh - T.J. Lynch, Wastewater Treatment Superintendent (now Assistant Director Public Utilities Department)

12 Clarifiers, Electrical Panels, Aeration Piping, Day Tanks      

Wendy and David, I have now been in this business for 15 years and I can safely say that it is rare to find a company who consistently exceeds the quality of work specified or even imagined.  It has been my pleasure to work with CMT this past year and I look forward to continuing the relationship we have built. Thanks for your professionalism, your close attention to detail and your commitment to excellence.

City of Sanford - Scott Christiansen, WTP Superintendent

Pipe Gallery and Sodium Hydroxide Tank                                          

The crew assigned to work at our plant did an excellent job without any interference to our daily operations.  I and the staff here in Sanford were very impressed not only by the finished project but by the cleanliness and professional manner the painters maintained throughout the job.  David and Tom were very informative and kept me updated on the daily progress, materials, and other pertinent issues.  Overall I am very satisfied with the work performed here at the plant and would recommend CMT to any of my colleagues. 

City of Wilson - Jimmy Pridgen, Manager Hominy Creek Water Reclamation Facility

95’ Clarifier, Launder Trough, Rake Arm, Catwalk

We are very satisfied with products and services. We need to determine our next clarifier to perform same type of work on and then get estimates and try to get into next year's budget.  We should have probably been a little clearer about how we were going to handle the removal and disposal of material from sand blasting, but your response was superb and we are extremely satisfied.

City of Winston-Salem - Chris Shamel, WWTP Supervisor

Elledge WWTP

I have spoken with several people within the City of Winston-Salem and they all say that you guys do great work and personally I get upset when I have to use someone else.

City of Winston-Salem - Tom Johnson, Plant Supervisor City of Winston-Salem (now with EnviroLink)

WTP Painting, Clarifiers, Piping, Building Exteriors

David and the crew of CMT have proven themselves time and time again to get our facilities safe and clean.  They get in, get the job done and get out – just the way we want it!

Davie County – Johnny Lambert

Public Utilities Director

Pipe Gallery

This project is a true success story resulting from diligent surface preparation, superior workmanship, and the use of the newest coatings technology on the market.  The staff and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!

Durham County - Ted Credle, Durham County Project Manager

Lumley Road Manholes

Your service was top-notch. From Marsha and Wendy on the phone; to David, Will and the crew in the field - you folks are friendly and accommodating.

Fayetteville PWC - John Allen, Senior Engineer

Cargil and Calico Lift Stations

Working with CMT was a good, positive experience. Very good to work with, reasonable, and did not try to "field lawyer" you once the work got started.   It was a very positive experience.

Gilbert Engineering - John Gilbert, Jr., Owner

Neilson WTP Re-coat Painting

We appreciate your professionalism and the quality of your work.

Mills Creek Property Owners Association - Joanne Snider

Mills Creek Estates Property Owners Association

Tank #4

Everything was done in a professional manner; your company was excellent to work with. Your men, when faced with challenges took it in stride and performed as if it were the case all day long. Very professional, and I look forward to working with you and your company in the future.

OWASA - Ken Loflin, Water Supply and Treatment Manager

OWASA Transformer, Pumps and Generator Trailer

 We really appreciate CMT working with OWASA on short notice to complete these projects this fiscal year.

Perry Horne and Barry Driscoll

Goldsboro WTP Slope and Coating of Hypochlorite Floor

The workers did a really good job and didn’t even come close to damaging any of the sensitive piping that they had to work around in a very tight and cramped room.  Thanks!


Silver Line Plastics Corporation – Bob Cassidy

Engineer, Silver Line Plastics

Silos and Building Exterior

CMT is a first rate company to work with.  They are professional, understand the manufacturing environment and deliver up quality jobs.  We are pleased with the end results and recommend their services.

Town of Apex - John Cratch, Plant Manager Apex Water Reclamation Facility

Old Raleigh Pump Station and Clarifiers

Thanks for being honest.  Thanks for doing what you said you were going to do!  It is refreshing to have a contractor who genuinely cares about the customer’s needs and expectations.  I’m extremely pleased with CMT and have all intentions to use CMT for all my future projects.

Town of Apex - Tim Fontaine, Collections Department Supervisor

Thank you for all your help at maintaining our collection system. Your crews are doing a great job and I am very thankful to have a crew that I do not have to babysit.

Last night they came in at 11 pm and rehabbed a deep brick manhole, when I went to Q/A the job this morning I was impressed at how well the job was done, and the cleanliness of the work site.

When I stopped by the manhole they are on today they had all the traffic control and safety equipment on and in place, again I commended them on a great job and their professionalism.

Thank you again for providing such professional service to the Town of Apex. 

Town of Beech Mountain - Robert Heaton, Public Works Director

WTP Package Plant Repairs and Generator Painting

Thanks for a great job that turned out better than we could have hoped for!

Town of Pittsboro - Frank Efird, Water Plant Superintendent (now with Smithfield Foods)

Sedimentation Basins

Enjoyed working with you; appreciated your professionalism and intentions to getting the job done and getting it done in a timely manner.

Town of Robbinsville - Mayor Bobby Cagle, Jr.

Long Creek WTP, Steel Water Tanks, Tallulah WTP & WWTP

I think that your company does or exceeds what you tell your clients that you will do.  The Town of Robbinsville appreciates your pride in your work!!