Client Testimonials - Leaks

Aqua NC – Jim Lang, Project Coordinator

July 13th – prior to CMT starting project:

“Impressive with the prior planning, truly impressive. I'm still in the field this evening, let me get back to my desk in the morning and I will provide you with the physical address of the WWTP so you can find the nearest urgent care and fire department for your crew. Unbelievable!!  Are you really this good?”

July 20th as CMT was completing the work:

“I made another site visit today and the technicians on site were once again professional, informative and safe. One of the men asked if they were doing what I wanted, and stated that he would do anything to help us out.  Thanks for the incredibly smooth and efficient project.”

July 21st at completion:

“Thanks to the entire team, great job!”

City of Asheville - Rick Thomas, Tradesworker II Water Resources Department

Tanks, Pump Stations, Pipe Galleries

The tanks really look good and I feel that George and his Crew have gone above and beyond their requirements to satisfy our expectations! You can tell that he and his crew take pride in what they do and like to show it off. That's a good thing.......I think we made a good choice in our selection for the best company to get the job done!

City of Raleigh - T.J. Lynch, Wastewater Treatment Superintendent (now Assistant Director Public Utilities Department)

12 Clarifiers, Electrical Panels, Aeration Piping, Day Tanks      

Wendy and David, I have now been in this business for 15 years and I can safely say that it is rare to find a company who consistently exceeds the quality of work specified or even imagined.  It has been my pleasure to work with CMT this past year and I look forward to continuing the relationship we have built. Thanks for your professionalism, your close attention to detail and your commitment to excellence.

City of Wilson - Jimmy Pridgen, Manager Hominy Creek Water Reclamation Facility

95’ Clarifier, Launder Trough, Rake Arm, Catwalk

We are very satisfied with products and services. We need to determine our next clarifier to perform same type of work on and then get estimates and try to get into next year's budget.  We should have probably been a little clearer about how we were going to handle the removal and disposal of material from sand blasting, but your response was superb and we are extremely satisfied.

Gilbert Engineering - John Gilbert, Jr., Owner

Neilson WTP Re-coat Painting

We appreciate your professionalism and the quality of your work.

Town of Pittsboro - Frank Efird, Water Plant Superintendent (now with Smithfield Foods)

Sedimentation Basins

Enjoyed working with you; appreciated your professionalism and intentions to getting the job done and getting it done in a timely manner.

Town of Robbinsville - Mayor Bobby Cagle, Jr.

Long Creek WTP, Steel Water Tanks, Tallulah WTP & WWTP

I think that your company does or exceeds what you tell your clients that you will do.  The Town of Robbinsville appreciates your pride in your work!!