The Town of Marshall was the 3rd recipient of the CMT Gives back Program with the rehabilitation of their 500,000-gallon Clearwell. The town has less than 1,000 residents and the budget wouldn’t allow for the tank to be fixed up and painted. As the 2015 recipient of this program, the tank was pressure washed, the cracks were addressed, and a 3 coat system was applied. Additionally, the well house was prepped and painted to match the tank.
CMT Award
The program’s independent judges selected the Town of Marshall to receive a water storage tank rehabilitation valued at $45,000 for free. “It was a privilege for CMT to rehabilitate Marshall’s water storage tank,” said CMT co-owner David Van Zee. “It is challenging for many small towns in North Carolina to maintain critical water and wastewater infrastructure with limited resources. Small town municipal water and wastewater professionals are really unsung heroes who deserve more recognition for the essential work they do. CMT Gives Back is our way of saying ‘Thank You.’”

The Town stakeholders joined us for an “unveiling event” to see the “new” water tank on August 20, 2015. The photos and video highlight the event.

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