Our Story.  Carolina Management Team began Labor Day weekend 2003 at the dining room table when Wendy and David’s father George agreed to help them form a new industrial painting company.  With a commitment to quality and excellence, CMT found its niche in the municipal water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation industry—where George worked in the 1970s.

Prior to founding CMT, Wendy learned unparalleled customer service with Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.  David brought technical expertise and quality to CMT from his experience as a manufacturing engineer with Konica in Greensboro.  Their two unique perspectives infuse CMT with a powerful commitment to quality, problem solving and customer service.

Why CMT?  Carolina Management Team is revitalizing America’s water infrastructure with its team of certified coating inspectors and coating technicians.  CMT repairs deteriorated concrete, leaks and corrosion in water and wastewater infrastructure.  We partner with communities, engineering firms, contractors, and coating manufacturers to execute projects that upgrade our country’s facilities.  As good stewards of taxpayer money, we are committed to our project partners and rehabilitating assets that will serve for decades to come.

Our team has planned and executed projects in remote locations from sewer outfalls in the rural Carolinas to the state’s largest and most sophisticated treatment facilities.  CMT has rehabilitated ground storage tanks, clarifiers, thickener tanks, pipe galleries, wet wells, pump stations, lift stations and manholes.  Our projects are completed with our in-house team to ensure surface preparation and coating application is to specification and designed to extend the life of the asset.

Our MissionTo revitalize America’s infrastructure for safe, clean water.

Our Vision:  To be the coatings contractor that raises the bar and changes the industry.

Our Values: CMT is guided be the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Employees, Relationships and Teamwork.