• TJ Lynch
    City of Raleigh

    TJ Lynch

    12 Clarifiers, Electrical Panels, Aeration Piping, and Day Tanks
    Wendy and David, I have now been in this business for 15 years and I can safely say that it is rare to find a company who consistently exceeds the quality of work specified or even imagined.

    It has been my pleasure to work with CMT this past year and I look forward to continuing the relationship we have built.

    Thanks for your professionalism, your close attention to detail and your commitment to excellence.

  • City of Wilson

    Jimmy Pridgen

    95’ Clarifier, Launder Trough, Rake Arm, Catwalk
    We are very satisfied with products and services. We need to determine our next clarifier to perform the same type of work on and then get estimates and try to get into next year’s budget.

    We should have probably been a little clearer about how we were going to handle the removal and disposal of material from sandblasting, but your response was superb and we are extremely satisfied.

  • Town of Apex

    John Cratch and Tim Fontaine

    Old Raleigh Pump Station and Clarifiers
    Thanks for being honest. Thanks for doing what you said you were going to do! It is refreshing to have a contractor who genuinely cares about the customer’s needs and expectations. I’m extremely pleased with CMT and have all intentions to use CMT for all my future projects.

    Manhole Rehabilitation

    Thank you for all your help at maintaining our collection system. Your crews are doing a great job and I am very thankful to have a crew that I do not have to babysit.

    Last night they came in at 11 pm and rehabbed a deep brick manhole, when I went to Q/A the job this morning I was impressed at how well the job was done, and the cleanliness of the work site. When I stopped by the manhole they are on today they had all the traffic control and safety equipment on and in place, again I commended them for a great job and their professionalism.

    Thank you again for providing such professional service to the Town of Apex.

  • Chris Shamel
    City of Winston-Salem

    Chris Shamel

    Elledge WWTP
    I have spoken with several people within the City of Winston-Salem and they all say that you guys do great work and personally I get upset when I have to use someone else.
  • Johnny Lambert
    Davie County

    Johnny Lambert

    Pipe Gallery
    This project is a true success story resulting from diligent surface preparation, superior workmanship, and the use of the newest coatings technology on the market. The staff and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!
  • Bob Cassidy
    Silver Line Plastics Corporation

    Bob Cassidy

    Silos and Building Exterior
    CMT is a first-rate company to work with. They are professional, understand the manufacturing environment and deliver up quality jobs. We are pleased with the end results and recommend their services.