Are you eligible?

  • Are you publicly owned?
  • Do you have serious degradation of a water or wastewater facility?
  • Is there a threat to public health in your community due to degradation of a water or wastewater facility?
  • Are you seeking lead abatement work?
    CMT is not a lead abatement firm.
  • Are you seeking work on an elevated tank?
    CMT does not work on elevated tanks.
  • Are you seeking manhole rehabilitation?
    While CMT does this type of work, manhole rehabilitation is excluded from this project.

Criteria and Selection

The CMT Gives Back recipient must demonstrate the need for awarding the project to their community by highlighting the condition of deteriorating infrastructure, defining the problems to be solved, showing good stewardship of facilities, and illustrating the good faith efforts taken to date.

Additionally, candidates should detail funding challenges and the importance of this project to the municipality and stakeholders. Photos of the infrastructure are also required.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of independent judges from the water and wastewater industry.  The judges will base their decision on the severity of the problem and feasibility of the project and impact to the community.  Semi-finalists will be selected for additional consideration.  Conference calls and site visits by the judges will be conducted at this level.

Quote from our inaugural recipient: “The Town of Burnsville has truly scored a home run,” said Burnsville Mayor Danny McIntosh.

“CMT approached the town about this program earlier this year with an offer to repair, recoat, and paint the town’s two million gallon water storage tank. The tank was in dire need of work, but because the cost was over $50,000, the possibility of doing the work soon was remote. CMT came to the rescue with their program to give back to our community.”

Burnsville Tank Before

Burnsville Tank Before

Burnsville Tank After

Burnsville Tank