We go the extra mile to train our staff.

All our staff receive OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Awareness Training, CPR/First Aid Certification and participate in annual regulatory safety training.

A Jobsite Hazard Analysis is conducted at the beginning of each project. Additionally, daily Job Start Talks allow us to continue to identify, control and mitigate hazards throughout the project.

Monthly safety meetings discuss safety issues including any safety related incidents, injuries and near misses. New ideas and suggestions are explored for feasibility and improvement to our safety program.

Our Safety Training Logs allow us to track each employee’s training so nothing falls through the cracks. We frequently provide these logs to our clients.

Our Project Managers carefully analyze each new job for safety issues

For each job, management conducts hazard assessments. Based on the analysis, our staff is trained on appropriate safety measures.

Our new hires get special attention.

New hires are paired with veteran staff members for 90 days. We call this our Mentor Program.

Orientation equips new hires with basic understanding of our industry, hazards associated with our work and how to control and apply protective measures before being assigned to a project.

Custom Safety Signage works.

On each job site, we post signs with Safety Data Sheets, Product Data Sheets, and Job Site Hazard Analysis.

Our Safety Program is reviewed by OSHA.

Our Safety Health Management System (SHMS) demonstrates the four main components of a safety program:

  • Management Commitment/Leadership
  • Worksite Hazard Analysis
  • Hazard Prevention/Control – Risk Assessment
  • Training & Communication

Want a copy of our Safety Handbook?  Just ask.

Elijah Williams in Greensboro doesn’t worry about safety when CMT is on site.

Tim Fontaine in Apex, NC saw us practicing good safety:  “When I went to Q/A the job this morning I was impressed at how well the job was done, and the cleanliness of the work site. “… they had all the traffic control and safety equipment on and in place, again I commended them on a great job and their professionalism.  Thank you again for providing such professional service to the Town of Apex.”